Resort Inn Stream, Nasu Tochigi JAPAN

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It is located at the center of Nasu, open air bath,handmade cake

Food Guide

   Desserts buffet is served for dinner, and Japanese and western style buffet is offered for breakfast
The Japanese and western style food combinations meticulously prepared by the owner with local ingredients. With large portion!!
The desserts including handmade cakes, Bavarian flavor cakes, Ice, puddings, sweetened bean paste fruit blancmange, without amount restrictions!
The Japanese and western style buffet is served for breakfast according to the favors of guests.
Example of Menus
★ Dinner ★
2 main courses are optional
Course food
Various appetite whetting dishes cooked with local ingredients
Fresh local vegetable salad
Fish and Shells Stewed in Tomato Basil Base
Meat inside Pie
(The menu will vary according to seasons and dates)
Beef & Nasu soybean milk
Fresh Nasu soybean milk
Fresh Nasu Plateau vegetables
Japanese ox or imported ox
Various appetite whetting dishes
Specially ordered, with top grade Tochigi beef
(2100,4200,5250,7350 JPY increased)
Desserts buffet
Various handmade cakes
Bavarian flavor cakes
Sweetened bean paste fruit blancmange
Coffee and vanilla tea free refills
★ Breakfast ★
Japanese style buffet
(you can select the dishes you like)
Hot Bread
Porridge, Rice
Mung bean soup
Italian Pasta
Fried Eggs
Sausage, Preserved Ham
Fried Salmon
Hand-made Tofu
Pickled vegetable
Various vegetables
Nasu Milk, Coffee
Orange Juice
Please be informed the menus vary according to seasons and dates.
♦ Best chosen ingredients ♦
Breakfast・Dinner Rice Organically cultivated rice with little pesticide application from the farm in the neighbor town-Kenichi is used. Japanese are captious about rice!
Vegetables Plateau vegetables directly purchased from the local farmhouse
Dinner Sweet Fish Sweet fish with roes everybody will order. All applaud for its delicious taste.
Meat Top grade Tochigi black yak and Japanese ox are the utmost grade in Japan, which are very famous.
Bamboo Shoots
(Available in Spring)
Collected from the bamboo woods in 6000 sq land. So that it’s very rare.
Scape of Bees
(Available in Spring)
Collected from the 6000 sq land and surrounding land by special staff! So that it’s very rare.
(Available in Spring)
Irrigated by the clear stream in the resort, therefore, it’s picked up. It’s best to eat as a cold dish with sauce. So that it’s very rare.
Breakfast Bread Purchased from local famous bakery or hot breads baked by our staff.
Tofu Handmade Tofu made of local Tofu and natural brine. It’s marvelous!
Milk Nasu is famous for its cows and pastures.
Sausage Chosen as the best sausage by the owner.
Soy Sauce The food is the same as mother made, for the best chosen pickled soy made of traditional technology and secrete formula and the local potatos are used.
Guide to Various Services
Service Name Cost
(including VAT)
Room meal

1050 JPY

is increased for each person

Breakfast and Dinner. The primary school students and the elders are charged. Restricted to the following rooms: Japanese style room (without open air bath) and the western style DX room (with open air bath)
Extra foods

2100 JPY

is increased for each person

Two dishes are added The specific dishes will be determined according to the situation.

Restricted to adults and primary school students.

Top grade Tochigi beef upgrade

2100 JPY--

is increased for each person

the followings could be upgrade:
200 g is respectively upgraded to various grades of top grade Tochigi beef,

(2100 JPY, 4200 JPY ,5250 JPY, and 7350 JPY).

Birthday celebration 3780 JPY-- Fresh flowers and champagne are available.