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Near our Resort Inn, there are Theme Park, the ranch, and the golf course,etc.

Sightseeing and Sports

   The information of various facilities gifting is released in Tokutoku information. Please print out.
★ Highland Park Mount Jeans Skiing Ground ★
Pension Apartment is located at the right center of Nasu. It’s facilitated with convenient traffic facilities.
You could approach the horse, ox and ass, etc Minamigaoka Pasture (20-minute’s walk and 3-minute’s bus), therefore, it’s fancied by children.
The ice milk and drinks are very delicious.
Safari Park(5-minute’s walk)
You could see more than 70 kinds of animals as lion, etc from the bus.
Nasu Highland Park(5-minute’s bus)
Various stimulating amusement facilities like roller coaster, etc.
Artificial Lake Safari Pasture (10-minute’s bus)
There are many amusement facilities for children besides all kinds of animals.
Nasu Animal Kingdom (20-minute’s bus)
The children could play together with dogs, cats and horses. The thematic park built under supervision from Mutsugorou.
Other art galleries, and so on.
Besides the Color Glass Painting Window Art Gallery, music box art gallery, Teddybear, Trick art, there are many other art galleries.
Mount Jeans Skiing Ground, Nasu Family Skiing Ground, Akage Mt. Skiing Ground (20-minute’s walk to various sites)
Tennis Ball
Tokeshi Tennis Ball, Ri Coccoon Tennis Ball and other tennis ball courses.
Short-distance golf course (about 3000 JPY, about 10-minute’s walk), and many other golf courses.
Please refer to the sightseeing guide of our company about the details.
Highland Park
Minamigaoka Pasture
Mount Jeans Skiing Ground
Color Glass Painting Window Art Gallery